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Feeling Stuck? How "little" traumas can be that sticking point

When we hear the word "trauma," we often think of the big things: an assault, as accident, or the death of a loved one. We often don't think of the "smaller" traumas that we all have in our pasts. These "little" traumas can include relationship loss, job loss, betrayal, bullying, among other things. These are called "Little t" traumas, and they can actually have a big impact.

Trauma, whether big or "little," changes how we see ourselves, and these traumatic experiences change how we see the world. Because of these changes, we are forced to adapt. These adaptations work well to protect us in the short term, but they can often become obstacles that can keep us stuck in the long term.

To understand more about how "little" traumas can keep us stuck, tune into the video below:

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