Therapy for Women's Issues




- Albert Einstein

"I am good enough" 


"I am worthy"


"I did the best I could"

"I trust myself"

Who would you be?  What would your life look like? 

We can't solve problems by

using the same kind of thinking

we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein

What if you believed:

It is not uncommon for us, as women, to feel insecure deep down.  We face big pressures every day, and sometimes it feels like we just can't get everything done right.  Or make everyone happy.  Or be good enough.  And so we're sometimes left believing that we are inadequate.

Often we're not aware of how bad these negative beliefs about ourselves can make us feel.  These beliefs undermine our relationships, our professional life, and our self-esteem.  They can cause us to settle for much less in life than we actually want and deserve.  These beliefs are particularly powerful because they become a part of our thought patterns and thus keep us stuck: we follow the same paths, we think and behave the same way, and we use the same approaches to decision-making.  So we stay in our rut.  Our negative beliefs and ineffective patterns always come from somewhere, and understanding this can be an important step towards changing it. 

How therapy can help

When our self-worth is challenged, it impacts every facet our lives, leaving us unfulfilled, unhappy, guilty, or sad.  If you struggle with anything on the list below, you could benefit from therapy that examines how our self-esteem drives our thoughts, behavior, mood, and choices.   In many instances, our negative beliefs are the barrier between us and the life we want to live.    Some reasons to seek therapy include:

> Lack of fulfillment

> Unsatisfying relationships

> Professional dissatisfaction

> Difficulty regulating emotion

> Persistent feelings of guilt and shame

> Depression

> Anxiety

> Self-destructive behaviors