Christina Roux, LCSW


I worked with Kimberley in New Orleans for almost ten years.  She is a wise, compassionate, and experienced therapist who has helped so many clients over the years to discover new ways of understanding, coping with, and overcoming obstacles.  She has a warm, open, non-judgmental style that puts clients at ease and gives them hope.  In short: she is an excellent and competent therapist.


Carol Miles, LCSW


Kimberley is an excellent psychotherapist.  Kimberley and I co-led a DBT Skills Training Group in New Orleans for 7 years.  In co-leading the group with Kimberley, I saw first-hand how talented she is.  She is able to peel back the layers to get to the heart of matter for  each client.  She is also strategic and forthright, making her a great partner to work with as a therapist and colleague.  As sad as I was for New Orleans to lose her, Denver has gained an outstanding professional. I highly recommend her to you. 


Megan Alsop, PsyD


I have worked with Kimberley as a colleague for a number of years, previously in the greater New Orleans area. We specialize in similar areas of work, and she was the number one clinician I referred to.  She has the education, training, and background to work with a variety of concerns, and the intuitive and genuine approach necessary for making each client feel understood in their work toward change.


Kelley Hunter Ellis, LCSW


Kimberley is an excellent therapist. Her warmth, empathy, and insight give her work a wonderful balance. I have had the pleasure of co-working cases with Kimberley where I was the family therapist and she was the individual therapist, and I was always impressed by her ability to understand her clients and to communicate that. I loved working with her and observed her clients better understand themselves and feel better in their lives. I highly recommend seeing her.

Professional Testimonials

Kimberley Hoxie, LCSW

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Kimberley Hoxie, LCSW has more than 15 years of experience helping women remove the barriers holding them back from the life they want.  As a trauma specialist and specialist in women's issues, Kimberley has extensive training and experience in resolving PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, the challenges of pregnancy (including infertility and postpartum issues), and other concerns particular to women.

Kimberley holds an MSW from Tulane University and has worked as a therapist in hospitals and counseling centers, supervised teams of counselors, and has been invited as a subject-matter expert to give talks and trainings in areas including anxiety, complex trauma, mindfulness, and the use of DBT skills training in trauma treatment.

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