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Intensive EMDR therapy for deep healing

Therapy for Infertility,

Pregnancy loss,

and Pregnancy Complications




Make no mistake: infertility, pregnancy loss, and pregnancy complications can be traumatic and devastating.  For those of us who have been there, few things are more soul-crushing than to want a healthy pregnancy, do everything to achieve it, and then for things to go wrong.  It is common to feel helpless, sad, out of control, or angry.    

Infertility and pregnancy complications can feel like a rollercoaster, and being on it month after month can leave us feeling exhausted and stuck.  The process can be lonely, and it can feel like people in our lives don't understand.


Kimberley has specialized training in working with this population, and she is an IVF warrior who understands the challenges and losses common to the process.  

       Hardships often prepare ordinary people 

 for an extraordinary destiny.

- C.S. Lewis

Therapy for infertility and pregnancy complications can help with the following:

> Overwhelming emotions such as sadness or anger
Difficulty coping with uncertainty or loss
Feelings of inadequacy or guilt/shame

> Feeling like no one understands what you're facing

Strained relationships
Feeling anxious, numb, or detached from others

> Processing traumatic birth experiences 

Healing can help.

Being able to process the losses, disappointment, anger, and all of the feeling associated with infertility and/or pregnancy complications can change everything.  I am exclusively offering EMDR intensives to help you process through these challenging times, as it is a highly effective and efficient way to heal around these challenges.  You can read more about EMDR intensives here.  If you'd like to discuss your individual situation and whether you would be a good fit for an EMDR intensive, please reach out via phone or the contact form here for a complimentary 15 minute consult.

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